Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer with OSDA?

Apparently, you may have the desire to travel and learn about another continent, know about other cultures, touch lives, meet new people, make global friends, discover your soul mate or discover new business opportunities. OSDA and its partners offer you the opportunity to achieve your dream.

OSDA Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteering your time can have a greater effect on people than money ever could. Get involved to inspire kids and teenagers to follow their dreams and hold workshops to help them gain the confidence they need to succeed. Be a role model to them, someone they can admire and look up to. Show them that hard work pays off. Helping others will help fulfill a void inside of you that money will never be able to fill. As many would say, money can’t buy happiness. You can be part of any of the following OSDA projects to make that impact:


Volunteer Teachers

The voluntary teaching programme is designed to give an opportunity to individuals who are genuinely interested in offering their expertise and labour for the welfare of others. This is in line with our cultural and knowledge exchange programme as volunteers recruited to play a supportive role in the schools within the deprived communities in Ghana by assisting local teachers with classes and teaching school pupils in subjects such as English, Maths and ICT. Volunteers would also organise extra classes during vacation and motivate students to do their assignments while they are afforded the opportunity to integrate into the Ghanaian local community, learn about indigenous traditional cultural practices and tour the rest of Ghana and neighbouring countries.

Volunteer Health Workers

Volunteer health work in Ghana would not only help in developing a career, but also increases prospective healthcare worker’s sense of compassion, self-worth and skills. Volunteers work with local clinics by assisting the staff with minor procedures and also provide valuable educational information such as safe motherhood, healthy eating and nutrition or consult with individuals and groups. Assist in coordinating community meetings, training in the target communities and work with trained nurses to give additional support as needed in the target communities.

Administrative Assistant

The volunteer shall work in the office as one of the correspondents to all volunteer inquiries via personal contact, phone and email, taking minutes and ensuring that all documents are filed in an orderly manner, taking care of email accounts, manage our newsletter, enhance our social media presence, blogging, contributing to our annual report, working with the press and media to help spread the word, assisting the team with the creation of videos, Photoshop images for campaigns and design work for reports and assist in managing all domestic arrangements. This includes both managing domestic staff and overseeing the day to day running of the OSDA Ghana office and other activities

Fundraising Assistant

The volunteer shall be responsible for sustaining relations with existing and potential donors, acting as a coordinator to OSDA programmes for the purpose of ‘creative and meaningful’ stewardship, maintaining and developing donor databases, contribute ideas to long term fundraising initiatives, help create campaign strategies.

The volunteer shall also provide a supportive role in the preparation of new grant applications, including editing, proofreading and managing online application forms.

Assist in developing effective systems for monitoring and evaluation of projects and help build technical capacity for project implementation.

Support management when necessary in overseeing and ensuring sound management of grants, particularly for large scale projects.

Assist to oversee a compilation of donor reports including details of activities completed, results achieved and evaluation of impact.



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