Internship Placement

OSDA places current and graduating foreign students in paid and unpaid internships in Ghana according to their professional interests and goals. Internship opportunities range from education, human rights, nonprofits, healthcare, tech companies and many more. OSDA also provides supportive services such as visa advisory, accommodations, airport pick up services etc.


OSDA Customized Placements

In OSDA, we focus on quality over quantity by offering customized placement to ensure that your internship completely focuses your academic background and gives you the career exposure you need before entering the full-time workforce. We do this by allowing you to choose your preferred industry, company or institution which we take an extra step to secure for you.


The Experience

International Internships will provide you with an incredible opportunity to see the world through a new lens, immersed in a completely new environment and culture. This will give you international exposure and confidence and elevate your career aspirations to a new level. Our expertise, extensive networks, and dedicating to offering interns a rewarding, personalised internship experience has resulted in extremely valuable International Intern experiences.



Employers are seeking workers with international exposure and career-oriented experience abroad. Whether your career plans take you back home or to an overseas destination, you will utilize the professional experience, personal growth and intercultural competencies that you have gained during your international internship.

We have a team of experts and a process in place to find the right internship for you. Remember, internship placement is a key element of our program—so you can be sure you’ll get the hands-on experience you’re looking for


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