Internship/Placements abroad are part of the surest ways to gain some industry experience on your gap year and differentiate yourself from the crowd when you arrive back home and start looking for a job. With OSDA Internship/Placements you can secure a placement lasting a few weeks to months depending on your plans.

Interns are usually university students or recent graduates who are yet to find full-time work. Most people use the Internship/Placements to build international contacts, find new business opportunities, learn new skills etc.

OSDA places current and graduating foreign students in paid and unpaid internships in Ghana according to their professional interests and goals. Internship opportunities range from education, human rights, non-profits, healthcare, tech companies and many more. OSDA also provides support services such as visa advisory, accommodations, airport pick up services etc.

Kindly complete the application form on the right side of this page, If you would like the opportunity to build your work experience by taking part in international internship/placements.


Program Cost Remarks
Placement 500 euros This is one of placement arrangement fee to an industry of your choice
Volunteering 120 euros per month This covers accommodation, bills, pick up, drop-off, administrative cost, etc.

Does not apply to WorkCamps
Does not apply to WorkCamps
Does not apply to WorkCamps
Kindly attach any National Identity Document with a Picture

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